Lyrical Construct

The songs in my head becoming the poetry of my thoughts.


"Glass" by The Half Earth // Glass - Single (2014 // Download via Soundcloud)

It’s always difficult to write about a new artist without a very big internet footprint, but sometimes you don’t really have to write anything at all. I’ll keep it simple. The Half Earth hails from the UK (Sheffield to be exact) and is the brainchild of musician, Conor Stephenson. “Glass” is his newest single (his first official?), and it’s a dark, emotional, slow burn that builds from sparse guitars to textured atmospherics that feel like the sudden rise of a thunder storm from just over the horizon. It’s mesmerizing stuff - hypnotic and heavy but fragile and spacious. Highly recommended for fans of Esben & the Witch, Zola Jesus, and Chelsea Wolfe

House on a Hill, Swept Away

And oh you’re just like a muscle
And oh you cut it with a knife
And oh you’re bald like a tendon 
And oh cut it with a knife

And oh you’re just like a blood bank
And oh let it drain
And oh split like a muscle
And oh cut it with a knife

Mojave 3

Got my Sunshine, I’ll Get By

Sun came up today and it burned my blues away.

Wind rose up today and it blew my blues away.


There has not been a minute of having this tattoo that I don’t feel the music in it every time I listen to Robyn. 

Zhala & Robyn perform 'Prophet' live @ Swedish Grammis 2014


This is so incredible. And why Robyn’s robin is tattooed on my leg. She is just amazing, and so is ZHALA. And this was live. I just can’t even…

2013 Discoveries - Lyrical Construct 

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Discovered in 2013

I usually do a year end list of the best music of the year, but this year, I posted a mix of the year’s best as well as some albums I discovered this year (some as old as 2008). See posts below. Currently working on a link to a spotify playlist. Is there anything you would have added to the list?

Discovered in 2013 Part 2

2013 Discoveries Part 1

Perfect desolate winter album. 

Saw Geographer live at BottleTree in Birmingham about a month ago. Great night with some really good friends. 

Original Sin

lying in our beds at night we 
start to dream
eyes moving like flashlights 
under sheets
up until the morning hours we 
are set free
there’s nothing across from us 
but what we see

Neon Indian

Mind, Drips

I’m Euphoric.